welcome to orca's art store. looking to buy? this is where you find my prices and the items i offer. browse at your leisure, but do retweet this if you enjoy my art and would like to support me. thank you, enjoy your stay.

slots currently open - [ 5/5 ]

pricing | terms of service | need art examples? check my toyhou.se, or check out this page!


sketches -
no color - $10
flat color - $15

lines only
each character

flats - $25
shaded - $30

Busts/Icons are $10 base price.
Half Bodies are $20 base price.
Full Bodies are $30 base price.

each category adds that price onto the base price.
each extra character is half of the original price.
EXAMPLE: a fully colored/shaded, full-body piece would be $60, but with an extra character, it would be adding $30 onto that as well, making the price $90.
want some examples of my art in progress? check out my speedpaints!

can draw -
feral animals (not birds please)

will not draw -
super complex designs
extreme fetishes (s/cat, vore, etc.)
hate speech/bigotry
this list varies, i have the right to refuse anything i want .

i round down, not up. if something comes out to 33.79, I'll round it down to 33, not 34.
i have the right to refuse any services for any reason.
i take either half payment upfront or full. i will never take payment afterwards. if you cannot afford my prices look somewhere else.
i will send an invoice from a Paypal with the email [email protected]
if you're unsure about something, feel free to ask, i don't bite. i AM autistic + adhd, so i have a difficult time understanding certain things, but I try my best.

art examples
(updated 4/12/2021)

are you interested in something like this?

my current sale is dropping something like this from $90 - $120 (Depending on complexity) to $50 USD (If the character is more complex, like the one shown, it would be an added $15 USD). That's over 50% drop!!

there are only limited slots for these, so please, if you're interested, contact me!!!

slots - 2/2